SimpliiGood, Haifa Group Co-Pioneer Sustainable Spirulina Production

The circular economy partnership accelerates the development of spirulina-sourced smoked salmon

International plant nutrition leader, Haifa Group, Ltd., and food-tech innovator, SimpliiGood by AlgaeCore Technologies Ltd., have joined forces to optimize the SimpliiGood spirulina supply chain while promoting their net zero goals. This partnership delivers benefits to both companies’ products and bottom lines in the short term. It also positions them to create a sustainable circular carbon economy within the next several years. 


IFF and SimpliiGood collaborate to make spirulina-based smoked salmon

  • International Flavors & Fragrances is joining forces with Israeli food tech startup SimpliiGood by Algaecore Technologies to make a smoked salmon analog completely out of spirulina. A product is expected to hit the market by the end of 2023.
  • SimpliiGood, which focuses on growing the sustainable and nutritious microalgae, will provide the raw material, texture and color of the product. IFF will provide the flavor and aroma attributes.
  • Spirulina is getting renewed attention from many in the CPG food and beverage space for its sustainability and nutritional aspects. It’s high in protein, contains several vitamins and minerals, is linked to boosted immunity and heart health while also being relatively easy to grow.


COVID-19 SimpliiGood application approved

COVID-19 SimpliiGood application approved

Our COVID-19 application got approved by the Israeli Innovation Authority! 

In an out-of-the-box and unprecedented move the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) and ministry of economics officially recognized the potential of Spirulina as a functional food with feasible immune-modulating and anti-viral properties. 

AlgaeMor-SimpliiGood will receive a grant for the development of a new designated line of functionally enhanced fresh Spirulina biomass, which will be tested as a nutritional support, prevention and treatment among high-risk groups and actual COVID19 patients. 

Another small win on the path to great impact and success. 

OurCrowd Investors Summit – 2020

Simpliigood was invited to participate in the OurCrowd Investors Summit, which took place last Thursday, February 13th, in Jerusalem, and is considered to be one of the leading events in the high-tech industry and the biggest business conference in Israel. We had the chance to present our company alongside major companies, such as Honda, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, PepsiCo, United Airlines and P&G.

We had the opportunity to present one of our biggest developments for 2020 – a vegan ice cream, with no sugar added, which was manufactured by Vagnillia, which contains half the daily recommended amount of fresh Spirulina. The ice cream, which was a star amongst both the guests and the organizers of the event, demonstrated just how easily one can combine health with lovable and familiar flavors.

During the event we met with leading business personas from approximately 189 different countries, which were very excited to see how once again a small country such as Israel, yet again presents a sustainable solution for the upcoming problem in Protein sources, which will also benefit the health and quality of life of all those who choose to use it.

Women of Agrifood Nation

Last week Simpliigood took part in the “Women of Agrifood Nation”, which took place in The Peres Center for Peace on February 09th – an event in which leading entrepreneurial women presented their different technological projects in the food and food-tech sector.

The six women who made it to the finals presented their projects to a forum of both audience and judges, which comprised representatives from different companies in the industry, senior academics, and investors from the Ecology sector.

The winner of the competition received a 200,000 USD reward as an investment in her project, along with advisory escort and support from Copia.

As part of the competition’s ambiance, we served the guests of the event a healthy bowl, which was comprised from a smoothie, containing Bananas, Dates, Silan, Almond milk and of course fresh Spirulina, which was decorated with Granola chips, roasted Coconut and fresh fruits.


Our fresh dish was served alongside our top leading products – the Spirulina Biscuits, made by Idit & Savion, and two flavored frozen popsicles containing our fresh Spirulina, made by Paletas.

Meat The Future: Beyond Plant-Based (Lior Shalev) | DLD Munich 20

Meat The Future: Beyond Plant-Based (Lior Shalev) | DLD Munich 20

Meat The Future: Beyond Plant-Based (Lior Shalev)

Simpliigood is proud to have our CEO, Lior Shalev

giving a mind blowing lecture titled “Meat the Future: Beyond Plant-Based” at the DLD Conference which is being held in Munich, Germany these days.

 In his lecture, Lior discussed the ultimate challenge humanity faces – finding a healthy, tasty, scalable and eco-friendly protein source, while explaining how fresh Spirulina can be the most reliable solution to that challenge, along with the ability to help solve the malnutrition problem that 1 out of 3 people on the planet suffers from. 

“Our vision is planet and people, we must treat them the same, the food we put in our body has to be healthy, tasty and environmentally clean” (Lior Shalev).

Simpliigood goes to ANUGA 2019!

Simpliigood goes to ANUGA 2019!

Simplii does Anuga – Simpliigood took great pride in participating in Anuga, the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages. During the exhibition, which took place on October 2019 in Cologne, Germany, Simplii’s CEO, Lior Shalev, along with CTO & Founder, Baruch Dach, presented not only the fresh and frozen Spirulina packages, but also a range of products, in order to demonstrate the different possible implementations of Spirulina as a rich source of protein.



The star of the exhibition, our Dairy-free Soy-based Philadelphia – style cream cheese, was presented as an R&D prototype and showed exactly how Spirulina can, in the near future, be a rich source of Protein and sustainably replace the Protein and other nutrients that are sourced in dairy products. 

Our booth and products were the main center of attention for companies from all over the world, along with the Anuga innovation tour.

We were excited to be an exhibitor, as part of the Israeli pavilion, which was under the auspices of the Israeli Export Institution and the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

See you in the next show 😊

Simpliigood Speaking in the largest Spirulina Conference in Italy

Simpliigood Speaking in the largest Spirulina Conference in Italy

Simpliigood was proud to have its CTO and Founder, Baruch Dach, participate in the Company Mission & International Conference on the matter of advanced innovative production system of Spirulina Maxima – a case of Big Bang Disruption Innovation, and take an active part in it by lecturing the other participants on the topic of fulfilling the potential of Spirulina as a sustainable source of protein and the challenges in doing so.

The conference was held in Italy in September 2019 and was produced by “Spin”, a local Italian association whose goal is to connect technology and industry with academia. The conference was held under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Italian innovation Authority and the European Union’s program – Horizon 2020.

The conference held discussions regarding the state of the market and the industry and the possibility of international co-operation and combining academic-level development with the industry. The participants also visited a pilot facility of a company named BioRisi and made connections with Professor Giuseppe Torzillo from the of Florence – one of the biggest names in the matter of Algae – along with other personas who deal day – to – day with promoting innovation and international co-operations with the European Union.

Simpliigood’s DLD Tel Aviv 2019 opening panel

Simpliigood’s DLD Tel Aviv 2019 opening panel

In September 2019, Simpliigood’s CEO, Lior Shalev, was a speaker in the opening panel of DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival.

Lior appeared as part of a panel that discussed the future of food, and how technology and the food-tech industry is disrupting and changing the world as we know it.

Simpliigood’s fresh Spirulina was presented as a disruptive and nutrient-dense solution for famines across the globe, given its high value of nutritional benefits, whole protein density and eco – friendly production process.

Lior spoke about the future of impact and how food-tech is the spearheading the area. “ we need to stop thinking in a mindset of two pockets one for doing good and the other for making money and start realizing that we only have one”, “a company that in its DNA does not hold the impact view and harms the environment while making money will not be tolerated by the consumers”. “we need to remember that innovation and technology are only tools and the target itself”.

Lior spoke alongside Sir Ronald Cohen, chairman of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investments – The Portland Trust, Mirek Dusek, head of the Middle East and North Africa & member of the Executive Committee – World Economic Forum, Eugene Kandel, CEO – Start Up Nation Central, Avinash Sarma, managing partner – GRIL Ventures & Habitatio and James Waterman, senior director strategic relations – Singularity University.