Natural Micro-Nutrient Enrichment

Our body relies on much more than just the basic stuff listed on a standard nutritional label, like proteins, carbs, and calories. Common deficiencies of a modern diet revolve around micronutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and other phytonutrients, and that is why multi-vitamins and supplements are so popular in modern culture.

The problem with these supplements is that they are not bioavailable and most of their content does not absorb properly due to the synthetic stabilization of these compounds, which otherwise will perish.

That is exactly why they state extremely high values in comparison to the daily recommended amounts, sometimes more than X2 times more. Our unprocessed fresh Spirulina gives a perfect natural alternative, packing all the essential range in the purest form available in the market today. Enhanced Iron metabolism, Metabiotic intensification, Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity, Cognitive and neuroprotective support, Improved ergogenic performance and faster recovery.

But the nutrition label only tells part of the story.



74% of fresh SimpliiGood Spirulina algae is made of complete, raw protein that delivers 18 of the 20 amino acids needed for almost every function in the human body. Calorie for calorie, SimpliiGood Spirulina contains 3x more protein than meat.






Diets rich in antioxidants repair and prevent cellular damage, which contributes to a wide range of illnesses and diseases. One serving of SimpliiGood Spirulina contains 8x more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries and 25x more beta-carotene than carrots.




Human bodies require a diverse amount of vitamins and minerals for everyday function. A single SimpliiGood Spirulina Cube contains every vitamin in the B group, 24x more vitamin E than strawberries, 10x more calcium than milk, 3x more iron than spinach and 4x more potassium than bananas.



Only fresh, pure, all natural spirulina goes into our SimpliiGood Spirulina Cubes. We never use any powders, artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. SimpliiGood Spirulina is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free and grown in organic conditions, so its health benefits accommodate almost all dietary requirements