Simpliigood was invited to participate in the OurCrowd Investors Summit, which took place last Thursday, February 13th, in Jerusalem, and is considered to be one of the leading events in the high-tech industry and the biggest business conference in Israel. We had the chance to present our company alongside major companies, such as Honda, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, PepsiCo, United Airlines and P&G.

We had the opportunity to present one of our biggest developments for 2020 – a vegan ice cream, with no sugar added, which was manufactured by Vagnillia, which contains half the daily recommended amount of fresh Spirulina. The ice cream, which was a star amongst both the guests and the organizers of the event, demonstrated just how easily one can combine health with lovable and familiar flavors.

During the event we met with leading business personas from approximately 189 different countries, which were very excited to see how once again a small country such as Israel, yet again presents a sustainable solution for the upcoming problem in Protein sources, which will also benefit the health and quality of life of all those who choose to use it.

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