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Simpliigood Speaking in the largest Spirulina Conference in Italy

Simpliigood was proud to have its CTO and Founder, Baruch Dach, participate in the Company Mission & International Conference on the matter of advanced innovative production system of Spirulina Maxima – a case of Big Bang Disruption Innovation, and take an active part in it by lecturing the other participants on the topic of fulfilling the potential of Spirulina as a sustainable source of protein and the challenges in doing so.

The conference was held in Italy in September 2019 and was produced by “Spin”, a local Italian association whose goal is to connect technology and industry with academia. The conference was held under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Italian innovation Authority and the European Union’s program – Horizon 2020.

The conference held discussions regarding the state of the market and the industry and the possibility of international co-operation and combining academic-level development with the industry. The participants also visited a pilot facility of a company named BioRisi and made connections with Professor Giuseppe Torzillo from the of Florence – one of the biggest names in the matter of Algae – along with other personas who deal day – to – day with promoting innovation and international co-operations with the European Union.