Last week Simpliigood took part in the “Women of Agrifood Nation”, which took place in The Peres Center for Peace on February 09th – an event in which leading entrepreneurial women presented their different technological projects in the food and food-tech sector.

The six women who made it to the finals presented their projects to a forum of both audience and judges, which comprised representatives from different companies in the industry, senior academics, and investors from the Ecology sector.

The winner of the competition received a 200,000 USD reward as an investment in her project, along with advisory escort and support from Copia.

As part of the competition’s ambiance, we served the guests of the event a healthy bowl, which was comprised from a smoothie, containing Bananas, Dates, Silan, Almond milk and of course fresh Spirulina, which was decorated with Granola chips, roasted Coconut and fresh fruits.


Our fresh dish was served alongside our top leading products – the Spirulina Biscuits, made by Idit & Savion, and two flavored frozen popsicles containing our fresh Spirulina, made by Paletas.

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