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The first nutritious whole cuts crafted only from microalgae

Single planet. Single ingredient.

Fish and meat analogs from nutrient-rich microalgae

Single-ingredient fish and meat alternatives that mimic the real thing are packed with taste appeal, protein and other essential nutrients. Did we mention they are pollutant-free, clean label and non-GMO?


SimpliiGood’s climate-positive pond-based cultivation is sustainable end to end. For every pound of SimpliiGood products created, 2 pounds of carbon are removed from the atmosphere.

Innovation at its core

IP-protected SimpliiGood technologies transform spirulina into products with taste, texture and color on par with animal-derived foods – keeping all the goodness that the micro-algae have to offer.

Future tech is here!

Leveraging all that Mother Nature has to offer

Tech-driven SimpliiGood ingredients take on endless textures and shapes in a spectrum of
colors. Harnessing spirulina’s full potential, SimpliiGood deep tech replicates authentic
animal-source flavor and aroma in every bite.

IP protected  | Minimal processing | Non-GMO

From pond to product

Introducing multi-sensory experience into microalgae-powered nutrition, SimpliiGood innovates and manufactures brand-new ingredients.

SimpliiGood selected a single variety of microalgae for its superior qualities, cultivating it in sustainable abundance. Closed-loop, water-based farming that is climate resilient draws energy and inspiration from the desert sun.

Minimal footprint

14X higher
yield per acre than peas

Water efficient

10X higher efficiency
per pound of protein than peas

Zero Waste

No byproducts and uses
98% recycled water

Food grade


Low-carbon sustainability 

Generates 95%less CO2
than beef production

Climate resilient

Grows in the desert

Our revolution starts now

Flagship products

The spirulina genie is out of the bottle and onto the plate!

Smoked salmon analog

Pure spirulina gives these smoke-cured salmon analogs their delicious, natural flavor, texture, and color. Boasting about 40% protein, the product is free of ocean pollutants, artificial ingredients, fillers, and allergens.

Alt-chicken nuggets

Crispy outside and juicy inside, flavorful SimpliiGood nuggets are a doppelganger for the real thing. Nutrition-wise, SimpliiGood is a cut above – boasting more protein and nutrition than chicken tenders – with nothing artificial.

Plant-based meat

This hearty meat analog stands out for its authentic bite, juiciness and satisfying taste. Better for you and the planet, this alternative beef is an ideal protein-packed meal staple featuring all the wholesome goodness of spirulina.

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