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XPRIZE is a nonprofit organization that designs and manages public competitions intended to encourage technological development that could benefit humanity. The organization mission is to foster high-profile competitions to motivate individuals, companies and organizations across all disciplines to develop innovative ideas and technologies that help solve the grand challenges that restrict humanity’s progress.

During the month of April,  the first of its kind X-PRIZE Foundation FoodTech event took place at Dan Acadia Hotel in Herzliya. The evening meal, led by Chef Golan Israeli was served to the X-PRIZE’s Board of Innovation members, Demonstrated the virtues of our 100% raw,fresh and frozen Spirulina.

We at Simpliigood presented two dishes based on our fresh spirulina:

The first dish was cucumber soup, ginger and fresh spirulina, which attracted a lot of sympathy among the participants.

The second dish, which was served after a varied meal, was our sweet green dessert – a coconut flavour spirulina popsicle , which surprised its unique flavor and raked it amazing reactions.


The audience who expressed great interest in the benefits of Simpliigood’s Fresh Spirulina and received an explanation from the CTO & founder of the company, Baruch Dach:

Spirulina Kidron is rich in nutritional values, vitamins and minerals, the protein that is best absorbed (compared to animal protein), with antioxidants , its smell and its neutral flavor – these are the success factors of the single cell growth that we are growing.

We were delighted to participate in this unique event and to present our fresh spirulina that produced in Israel and developed using unique Israeli technology.


See you at the next meal 😉