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The Problem

To change the way the world eats for the better.

THE Mission

simpliigood is addressing the most fundamental global issues of the Foodtech and Agritech sectors: from Malnutrition and food insecurity to the protein gap and implications of industrialized food, including environmental footprint and ecological life cycle of food products – we have an integrated, holistic solution that addresses all of these and more.

our Solution

We are the first company in the world to develop and operate a technology for high-quality, cost-effective, efficient, consistent, large-scale production of fresh Spirulina biomass, all in compliance with international food-safety standards.

We do it through applying a multidisciplinary approach that relies on expertise in the fields of biology, engineering, food-technology, chemistry, computer science, nutrition and medicine to create the most dense and efficient natural food source on earth. 

Closing The protein gap – offering sustainable, affordable and clean labeled alternative with immense added value

Swapping Industrialized food – providing a natural, free of synthetic additives and minimally processed food source

Eco friendly next gen. agriculture – optimizing resource utilization while minimizing natural habitat destruction, land reclamation, fresh water utilization and pollution

Helping solve Malnutrition and food insecurity – Nourishing the developing world through providing means of self-sustaining next generation crops